Welcome to Porous City

We are part of a new movement in the response to sea level rise.

The sea is rising. In the past, changing sea levels meant engineering ways to force water into accommodating our development. Today, forcing water back is no longer a realistic or resilient strategy. It is time for a new reaction to changing sea levels- the reverse of our past. We need development that accommodates the water. We need a porous city.

This website is intended for everyone. Here you will find links to research, strategies, and big-picture ideas for alleviating water problems in our future. Porous City is about embracing the nature of the sea and building with the expectation, even the desire, that water will some day flow into and throughout the city. This is a place for ideas – ours and yours. We hope to inform and inspire a new kind of city that is ready for the sea. It will take all of us working together to make this kind of change, but it can (and must) be done. Working in conjunction with the the Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative, we are seeking to adapt Norfolk for the future.

It’s time to let the water in!